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Why the Best Leadership Lesson is Over Your Head!



Show of hands here: who has attended a leadership course?

What if I told you that the best leadership course is available now for a limited time only? Intrigued? What if I also said this course is absolutely free? A tilt of the head and an eyebrow raised suggests you want to hear more, but you hold a skeptical view. What if I told you that this course is available to anyone, but it is over most people’s heads? Actually, that’s not a limiting factor- it’s a good thing because it’s literally right over your head- seriously…look up.

It’s late autumn and the air holds that familiar nip. This is my favourite season because it offers so many lessons for life and business. The most poignant is the lessons, however, are on leadership.

If you are struggling to lead your team or develop leaders in your business, I suggest you experience a lesson that is over your head- watch a migrating flock of geese.

Migrating geese have been studied for their amazing teamwork. Some of the most notable points include:
Their unique abilities to travel for thousands of miles – no small feat.
Their familiar V-shape flight pattern is not only aerodynamic it allows for precision directional changes- a highly effective strategy.
Their clear communication ensures the entire flock maneuvers the sky with the intent of successfully reaching their destination together.
The leader is the most capable. Wind resistance is greatest at the front, so the strongest bird sets the pace and the others instinctively follow.
However the leader knows when fatigue is affecting the success of the team and pulls out to take its place farther back in the V, where the wind resistance is less.
Another leader emerges from the flock and takes the lead. Leadership in a flock is a shared responsibility. The flocks travel together over the years and the goslings learn from their elders, a built in succession plan as it were.

So, from this nature lesson, here are my top 5 Leadership points

1. Leadership is not a title, it is an ability.
2. Leadership cannot exist as a single entity; it requires a team. Without a team a leader’s role is useless.
3. Leadership is a role of service, not entitlement.
4. Leadership is a strategy role that requires great communication, delivers successfully and promotes trust.
5. Leadership requires movement in 2 directions. Forward to lead with confidence and to the side as a mentor.

Remember, a natural leader instinctively guides with the intent to achieve team success. Make sure you develop your inner goose!


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