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When facing change don’t jump ship- incoporate the Phoenix Effect


Jumping ship may be tempting when dealing with unexpected change- but it is rarely a good solution!
It has happened to all of us. We get comfortable in our day to day events in our place of business and then something changes. The most difficult change to accept is the one that involves people. It may be that a key person decides to leave or perhaps there is a new business leader who will be calling the shots.

How you react to such news can tell a lot about your ability to develop success strategies.

If you find yourself struggling with the news avoid at all costs the “knee-jerk” reaction.
You may feel like nothing will be the same- you’re right!
You may think that such change is only the beginning of more change- you’re right!
You may feel that you will never have it as good as you had it- now you’re wrong!

You should never feel like you have to jump ship- contain that “knee-jerk” reaction- this change does not mean you need to throw in the towel and give up!

In fact, this may be the beginning of something new and very necessary. This is the time to develop the Phoenix Effect.
The mythical bird the Phoenix represents burning of old ways to emerge as a new and vibrant entity.

The following are Best Practices to help you thrive when the inevitable change occurs in your business plan.
1) Compartmentalize your emotions
This is not the easiest task to undertake- particularly when you are new at managing stress, but it is well worth developing. If you don’t manage stress- it will manage you.
Shocking news is shocking because you were not expecting it. Facts tend to get burried under emotional rubble. When this occurs you become unfocussed and ineffective. Before you get too immersed in the tidal wave of emotion, write down what you are working on and what you need to complete- while you still have some clarity.
2) Gather the facts
This is particularly important if you are in a leadership role. Why did this happen? Could this have been avoided? There are many reasons people leave, but it there is something that should have been done to retain an individual, this needs to be addressed. Do you have a back-up plan? If you don’t, then make a change in how you do business- always have a Plan B.
3) Why me?
Why not! Recognize change is synonymous with growth and development. So if we see growth and development as good, then we should expect something good will come out of this event. Focus on the benefit this change may have.
4) Develop a business plan
If this change unravelled you then you need to look at your personal and business goals. if you are clear on those goals then you can develop a solid plan to achieve them. When people enter and exit your world, your goals and plans should continue toward success. Get help with this if you need assistance.
5) Be an influencer.
If the organization is lacking in an area that is the cause of unnecessary change, then take the responsible action to suggest an improvement. Be the positive force in the team to keep momentum alive. The atmosphere in a state of change can be caustic, but if someone makes an effort to be positive the ripples will soon create a healthier and prosperous environment.

In the end you will grow from the experience and possibly be involved in a new and vibrant entity- The Phoenix.

  1. Doug

    “Be an influencer.”
    I love that! Be the one initiating, creating. As Seth Godin says “be a linchpin”.

    • Leanne

      It really is the most effective method to move ahead in business and life- particularly when change is a constant.

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