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To Act or Not to Act…That is the Question!


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Are you getting buried under “To Do’s” that keep accumulating?

It happens to everyone, particularly when we are dealing with mounting deadlines. How you deal with them could set your business up for success or for failure.

Remember when we were in school and had to write a 2000 word essay? We were given more than enough time to complete the task, but somehow the night before became the ritual pressure pot as we scrambled to force our creative juices, counting every word while consuming copious cups of coffee.

That was then, this is now… what have we learnt?

Few business owners have a process they can rely on to deal with pressure deadlines. Just getting it done is not good enough. You have to know and trust that you are getting the job done in the best way possible. In a tough economy, pressure will bring out flaws in organizations. Sloppy work and cutting corners will be the death of some businesses.

How can you get on top of your daily pressures?

How can you build a business your clients will recommend?

 Wei Wu Wei

 Wei Wu Wei is an important concept in Taoism and literally translates to action through inaction.

I know that sounds like a shocking solution, but consider its effect.

The concept of Wei Wu Wei is built on the belief that best results occur when there is absence of struggle. Have you ever been disappointed in a result that you felt you worked so hard at? Sometimes we sabotage our efforts and add to the pressure; simply by the way we address a situation and how we choose to act. This becomes a pattern and before we know it we are stressed and unproductive. Yet other times we acquire accolades on something that seemed quite easy.

Wei Wu Wei is an interesting concept to consider for western business practices. At first blush, the translation might lead one to believe that avoiding action is the best result. That we can simply put our feet up and everything will magically work out.

On the contrary!

Wei Wu Wei is very focused and embraces the ease of working to build a natural momentum that results in quality. There are times when choosing not to act is the right action- but it is based on knowing what is best and not simply what is convenient. Not acting when you know you should be, is blatant procrastination. Conversely, forcing action may aggravate the situation.

3 Ways to reduce procrastination and increase natural productivity:

  • Hone your awareness: Think before you act. Gather your facts. Take a big picture view. Consider that no action may be the best action. This doesn’t mean you won’t entertain a different course of action in the future, but for now, it may be best to walk away with the knowledge your decision to not act was the best action to take.
  • Cultivate your concentration: Business owners are notorious for wearing too many hats; focusing on every shiny object that comes into their sight line resulting in a mind that can’t quiet down. Concentration is a skill that highly effective business owners develop. If you have difficulty concentrating, change your state of mind by changing your location. A fresh view with the intent of focused action quiets the chatter in your mind and gives you to opportunity to allow your natural skills to work effortlessly.
  • Exercise patience: This is tough for western business owners to grasp. Patience is key to confidently choosing the best course of action: to act or not to act, effectively requires consistent practice. Physically removing yourself from the noise and committing to concentrate on a specific task for a minimum of 20 minutes will develop patience that will direct action toward effective results.

Consciously commit to improving how you react to business opportunities, and you will begin to accomplish quality results consistently. The obstacles that once heralded procrastination will become levelled. You will choose to act or to not act- but it will be an informed decision based on facts.

If your business needs help, give me a shout. Together we will eliminate procrastination and build a system you can trust.

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