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The Con Game is Alive and Well!



You’re part of a Con Game, so what are you going to do about it?

“Just trust me…” where have I heard those words before?

Oh wait…I said that!

Don’t look now, but you are part of a con game!

Trust seems to be an oxymoron in the business world; It’s the handshake on a deal that accompanies a binder filled with legalese-just to make sure, you know, in case something goes sideways.

Building confidence with cohorts has a tainted history. Whether we think of the old snake oil salesmen of traveling road show notoriety or the more contemporary Lucy van Pelt as she repeatedly pulls the football away from the trusting Charlie Brown. Confidence continues to be an elusive business quality due to its tarnished reputation.

Even if you feel you are trustworthy, you’re up against the history and results of those that walked before (or beside you). In every genre of business there is someone who has corroded its reputation. You get to bear its assimilation, whether you are innocent or not. Every time you introduce yourself to a new client or colleague, there is a moment where you get placed in the continuum of their experience with your type of service. We all know there are amazing car sales people out there, and yet the stereotypical sleazy dealer often is the starting point. You may have done nothing to earn that stereotypical title, but until you prove otherwise, you are part of the con game.

This is true of every business out there. When trust has been tampered with, it is not offered easily a second time. If you’ve ever wondered why you have to jump through “hoops” for some clients, consider their trust quotient. If they have been scorned, you’re going to have to be strategic to win back their trust and undo history.

Here’s how to change the game.

“Building trust is all about the delivery.”

The delivery of communication:

Clear communication of what is required and what can be achieved within agreed upon parameters, is critical.

The delivery of action:

A display of competencies in action builds credibility, moving you past the historical hindrances.

The delivery of results:

Say what you do and do what you say. Nothing changes a doubter faster than solid results that were deliberately anticipated.

These steps, simultaneously build the fibres of trust.

But wait, there’s more…

It never stops at just one good experience. It requires a constant juggling of the past, present and future for both new and old clients. While you’re delivering results, you are continuously communicating and planning new strategies to act on for new projects. But juggling can get challenging, and if a ball drops your clients will notice.

We are all part of the old “con game”, whether we like it or not. Building a trusted reputation takes strategic planning. It doesn’t happen over night. 

Building trust needs constant attention. 

Achieving a great trusting relationship is one thing, but keeping it up over time is quite another. Good relationships can soured, when long-term clients feel neglected.

When trust is broken, it never comes back the same way.

How do you keep your reputation solid and spotless?

How do you keep out of the con game rap?

By ensuring you have credible and consistent advice that is relevant to mitigate problems and deliver trust consistently.

That is what I do every day for my clients.

You’ve put a lot into your business, don’t slide backwards because of an unintentional misstep that could have been avoided.

You are part of the history of Con Games, but don’t let that define your business.

So what are you going to do about it?

Let’s talk about those clients you want to land and keep.

Give me a call (780) 964-5155 to plan a strategy that will build a solid, trusted reputation.









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