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The 4 Letter Word Successful Business Owners Say Regularly




 Remember when you were a kid and you defiantly exclaimed:

“I can do it myself!”

You might have been tying your shoelaces or attempting to change your favourite Transformer into its alter-ego or perhaps you were determined to conquer your sister’s brightly coloured Rubik’s Cube. Doing it on your own was a feeling like no other. Completion meant that you had joined the ranks that came before you.

“Well done son! You can tie your own shoes!”

I bet you can almost feel that nostalgic pride as if the experience was yesterday.

But what happened when the project got a little more challenging? Did having help to finish that Lego Millennium Falcon mean the difference between getting to play with it or having it still in pieces in the box under your bed? Even if you were totally capable of creating it by yourself, wasn’t it more enjoyable to get to play with it sooner, not to mention sharing the experience with someone who was just as excited about it as you were?

Now that we are all grown up and taking on the pressures of running a business, isn’t it great to know there are consultants and coaches that can bring back that old “Knew you could do it!” attitude?

Too many business owners are stuck in that “I don’t need any help” mentality.

Fair enough, but if you were honest about your progress, are there some goals that have been sitting in that proverbial box under your bed?

Business owners and entrepreneurs have many skills, but try as we might, we’re not great at everything. That’s where finding a trusted advisor comes in. The right guidance can change mediocrity into outstanding. It can revive the owner’s zest for why they got involved in the business in the first place and it can result in achieving desired goals in a shorter time.

Here are My Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Business Coach or Consultant


1)Strategic Brainstorming

As an owner of a business you are well aware of the fires you have to put out regularly. This erodes your creative efforts that are necessary to run a successful business. When you engage in a meaningful dialogue at an executive level, creativity is rekindled. Business Coaches come with a depth of business experience and so we share fresh ideas that resonate with our clients. Those new ideas lead to solutions that can be implemented immediately.


2) Unbiased advice free from emotion.

Running a business can be an emotionally frustrating experience. There may be a great deal of history that bogs down decisions which stops progress. Business Coaches come in with an unbiased perspective and can offer logical solutions based strictly on facts. Often it takes an outside view to gain proper perspective.


3) Wealth of connections and experiences.

Business Coaches work with many clients from various industries. This creates a wealth of experiences and connections that they can offer when developing solutions for their clients. It’s not just who you know, it’s who knows you.


4) Challenge you to reach higher.

Anyone who as had a sports coach or trainer has experienced the momentum drive of moving to a new plateau. Development of a business is no different. Many owners can grow their business to a certain level but then it stagnates. A coach can guide an owner to take that good business and make it great by developing strategies that build momentum. A Business Coach helps you flex your business muscle, so to speak and challenges you in new ways.


5) Accountability.

I think this one is the most underestimated value that comes with a Business Coach. It is one thing to imagine goals; it is another to achieve them. When you state your business’ intention to Business Coach, you have a committed partner that supports every effort. You are not allowed to put your business goals in the box under the bed just because things get hard. Your coach will be there to cheer you on, all the way to the finish line.


Successful Business owners see the value in asking for help because they understand the bigger picture. Think about the effort you have put into your business. Are you sure you don’t want any help?


If you are ready to see where your business can go, I’m ready to show you how to get there. Give me a call at 780-964-5155, and let’s get to work.












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