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Speak Up, I Can’t Hear You!


mouse-megaphoneSo it’s a New Year. There’s a fresh new page in the calendar; You have a new bounce in your step. This time you’re going to get those goals accomplished, by gum! Things are going to be different this year, yes siree!

Sort of sounds like something right out of an old Turner Classic movie. You can almost hear Jimmy Stewart’s comforting lilt in the words. However, as archaic as the words sound, the sentiment is alive and well today. When we usher in a New Year, we seem to stand on a precipice; the past is behind us and nothing but fresh new days ahead. The phenomenon is really quite interesting when you consider that this is true of every day. However, in order to give our goals structure, it is logical to provide timelines, thus the rationale for New Year Resolutions.

Goals are important from both a personal as well as a career perspective, and the New Year gives everyone a chance to, at least once a year, focus on something other than the noise of the day-to-day business.

I am not suggesting that your business is filled with useless chatter, but…

As a Business Coach I know how critical your daily activities are to your company’s existence. However, I also have a chance to assist clients in developing their goals and when I ask “what has stopped you from achieving these in the past?” the answers vary, but often amount to noise.

“I would have but… my HR person retired…I took a client that completely drained our time… my main supplier closed down… been waiting for the government to settle in…

All valid comments, but none of them should keep you from accomplishing what you set out to do.


It’s time to shout above the noise to get what you need

  • Hire for your business’ future, and not to keep your business at the same old plateau.
  • Evaluate your product and services and commit to adding value in order to stay relevant. Competition can be fierce- be ready!
  • Attract clients who are the right fit. One wrong client can drain your team of time, effort, creativity and money. Firing a client is sometimes   necessary. Cut your losses and move on, but do so professionally.
  • Look for potential bottlenecks that could negatively impact your business. Have back up plans ready to go if needed. This is true for staff tasks as well as suppliers. Don’t put all you eggs in one basket.
  • Diversify your services to expand your client base. Waiting for contracts to come to you is too passive for this economy. You need to be proactive. Develop a networking process to let new people know what you do.

Don’t let setbacks stop you from achieving your goals this year. Step up and shout above the noise!

If you plan to be successful this year be prepared to speak up!

This is a perfect time to plan your strategies for the New Year.

If you are curious about:

  • Strengthening your brand with diversified services, or
  • Attracting a consistent client base, or
  • Developing your team for now and the future, or
  • Creating an effective marketing or networking plan

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