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Small Business’ Secret Weapon!



What do the flush toilet, the laser, and infant incubators have in common?

They were borne out of collaboration. The original idea, it might be argued, may have come from an individual, but it didn’t become a functioning idea with a valuable purpose until more minds got involved.

The first functioning flush toilet dates back to 1596, when Sir John Harrington designed and installed the original for the British Matriarch, Queen Elizabeth. It wasn’t until 1700 when the collaboration of a watchmaker, Alexander Cumings and a cabinetmaker, Joseph Bramah drastically improved on the design, developing it into a marketable commodity.

The laser is another remarkable idea, with numerous applications from bar code scanning to medical surgeries; and let’s not forget its impact on a particular franchise that introduced Luke to his father. It took several minds to launch that thought.

The success of these ideas was much more than the invention themselves. It took; identifying an opportunity, attracting investors, developing the product, targeting a client base, and solidifying and implementing a marketing plan. Sounds an awful lot like your business doesn’t it? The inventions were amazing, just as your business likely is, but they all needed support to go from being a good idea to becoming a successful endeavour.

Trying to develop your business unilaterally is old school.

 The old fashion idea of keeping your ideas to yourself and scowling at the competition is a waste of your time and talent.

Today’s small businesses appreciate that their secret weapon is- collaboration.

“Collaboration strengthens the fibres of a business.”

Here are 5 steps to develop a collaborative process now!


Identify what is holding your business back from being the success you envision.

Determine what options are available. Study how the best succeed.

Engage in relevant networking activities that introduce you to potential solutions.

Align your business practices with those that can promote your vision.

Support each other to further develop strategies that will promote your vision.


No big surprise here, these first letters create the anagram for the word IDEAS.

Ideas are simply that-ideas. But, set them loose in the spirit of collaboration and we create incubators and lasers. It makes you wonder what could happen with your business if you adopted the concept of collaboration. I would love to hear your experiences on this subject. The more we share, the more we know!

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