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How to Fire a Client


You do know it’s OK to fire a client.…don’t you?

        There is nothing more draining than dealing with a client that is not a good fit for your business. Too many businesses suffer from tailoring their services to meet the client’s needs- regardless of how far off they get from good business sense.   You can’t be everything to everybody!

        How do we get into these situations, anyway? The business arrangement seems OK at the beginning-then expectations become hazy, verbal dialogue doesn’tmatch actions and before you know it you are making concessions to cut your losses!

How do you get out of a situation that isn’t serving you or your business?

       First you need to figure out how you got into the situation to begin with- because you don’t want to repeat this over and over again! Businesses get themselves into challenging situations when they cannot clearly define their businesses or the services they provide.

You Need to Ask Yourself:

  • Why are you in this business?
  • Who is your real client?
  • What is your value- what are you offering different than anyone else?
  • Do the services you offer support your bottom-line or are they costing you dollars?

Your business should attract true clients and repel those that are not!

So, if you do find yourself in the situation to part ways:


  • Drop your obligations without prior notification
  • Avoid contact- generally this escalates negative emotion
  • Expect that it will go away by itself


  • Review the agreed processes with the client and come to a compromise
  • Keep communication clear and concise
  • Seek council for advice- you need to know your best options

Your ultimate goal is to maximize your business integrity and minimize your losses.



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