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Don’t Look Now…but your roots are showing!


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No doubt about it, this year has started with a few challenges. It seems that business owners have a lot of questions- what to do? Wait? Act?

Your roots hold many answers that you are looking for. Your roots are an important part of your business success. It’s what fuels your instincts. Your business roots are grounded in personal traditions that give you the confidence to test out trends effectively.

They have been honed over the years. Nurtured by every mentor that ever inspired you, every individual that supported your ideas and every innovative option that you have tested out. Your roots have traditions deeply imbedded in them. You are not the first person, and this is not the first generation, to experience tough times. Ask any businessperson in the ‘20s and ‘30s and the more recent ‘80s and ‘90s.

Yes times have changed. Technology has changed how we interact with the world. But one thing that still stands true- strong roots weather tough storms.


      3Rs for strengthening your business roots

  • Review the facts: Be careful to gain insight of global, local and industry facts from truly reliable and varied sources. Everyone seems to have an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. Hidden agendas and inaccurate comments seem to be running rampant. Carefully select your sources and listen to your gut.
  • Reconnect: Connect with the people and sources you trusted when you were getting started. Listen to their wisdom and experiences as you begin to develop a solid plan. Even if times have changed, their strategies may hold true today- don’t dismiss them.
  • Reinvent: When you combine experience with the today’s insights you have the ability to create a new future. Storms are part of life and learning how to navigate them keeps you agile and your business relevant.

So trust in your roots- it’s good that they are showing.

They are an important part of who you are. They don’t need to be covered up with the latest fast-talking trend. They are integral to your ability to respond to critical situations so your business not only survives- but thrives.

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