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Conflict Resoultion: a prescription for health


We have all experienced working with someone that irritates us. I am not talking about situations that need major disciplinary intervention- but the ones that constantly simmer under the surface. These unresolved conflicts can manifest into ineffective work performance, communication breakdown and serious health afflictions.
Whether your contact is limited or constant, if you focus only on negative aspects you will only see negative aspects. This can become a large problem for the organization if individuals begin to group together and share the irritating situation without seeking a solution.
For the benefit of the business and your own health consider the following:
1) Start with the attitude that you want to resolve this and ultimately would like to work well with this individual.
2) If the irritation is one that needs to be brought to the attention of the individual, do so in a diplomatic and sensitive manner- this is best done in private.
3) Be honest, is this more your lack of acceptance of one’s differences as opposed to a problem the other person owns. If this is the situation, confronting them may be hurtful and possibly discriminating. In this situation it is you that needs the adjustment.
4) Break the habit of feeling conflict by commiting to find one positive thing about the person at each encounter.
5) Discourage any team dialogue that promotes dissension and encourage supportive actions.
You may be asked to take the high road at times, but it is well worth the effort. By choosing conflict resolution, you will enjoy your work, be more productive and reduce harmful stress in your life.

  1. Christene Madsen
    Christene Madsen06-13-2011

    Great article – so relevant and insightful:) Applies to those of us running a one man/two man show…or the corporate culture. As always, you hit the nose on the head: sometimes it’s an issue we need to resolve personally.

    Attitude, it factors into everything, doesn’t it?

    • Leanne

      I am glad you appreciate the relevance of this topic. It can really destroy the climate of a business quickly and yet it is so fixable!

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