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Are you Ready to Face the Dragons?


It’s time to face the Dragons

What’s on your “To Do” list this year? More specifically, what’s on your “To Do” list on Saturday, February 16th from 10-5:00 pm?
Spring is a great time to clean out the cobwebs, purge the useless and clear a path …and no I am not talking about your attic or garage. I am directing this at anyone who is sitting on a great idea but has allowed it to get buried under the weight of excuses.

I am a big believer in acting on opportunities, and there is an opportunity heading your way …
Auditions for the Dragons’ Den is coming to Edmonton

Tips on Presenting:
• You will be presenting to the show’s producers- this is not a dress rehearsal- bring you’re A game- first impressions count.
• Do your homework in advance- they will ask the same types of questions as they do on the show
• Know your market plan- but don’t bring your market plan.
• Bring some interesting fact about your idea and why that makes it marketable- this is a business opportunity- what makes your idea stand out.
• This is an interview- look organized and ready to do business
• Leave awkward props at home, no time for massive set-ups and power points are not allowed. If photos are required, make sure they are good quality and large enough for the panel to see or easily passed around.
• Be systematic and concise (you will have 2-5 minutes to pitch your idea): explain what your idea is, who is your target market, why is your idea worth investing in and what you need from the Dragons’ Den (be prepared to explain each in detail).
• Check out the website for more details.
• Need to bounce ideas around? Don’t hesitate to contact me

This could be your opportunity to take your idea and make it a reality.
It’s time to clear a path and face the Dragons.

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