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Are Too Many Requests Fueling Your Inner Scrooge?



Are too many requests fueling your inner Scrooge?

With the persistent phone calls and emails requesting a part of you, ‘tis season of the personal stretch (and I don’t mean a relaxing Downward Dog)! Every December, requests come flying in at all directions. It has been shown that generosity is generally greater during the holiday season, which explains why that single month is considered the month of giving.

I am a strong believer in giving generously. It is a personal choice that brings a sense of social balance to my business and personal life. However, as a Business Coach I see the stress in my clients and colleagues as they juggle the emotional burden that follows a financial appeal. Although giving can be a euphoric experience, the process to get there can be fraught with tension.

If you have the means, then I am all for that large cheque making it’s way into the hands of a needy organization. But for many, particularly in this economy, wanting to be generous is not matched with the ability to do so.

Or is it?

My Top Three Ways to Give Generously

With minimal time and dollar requirements!

  • Goodwill of Alberta, is a brilliant organization that does so many things right! By dropping off your gently used clothing and household items to their many drop-off sites, you are helping those with disabilities require training to secure meaningful employment. Your donations actually help an individual have a better life! All it takes is cleaning out your closet and dropping off the items on your way to work. If you have never been to a Goodwill store, I suggest you check them out. You will be amazed at the quality and unique offerings.
  • Canadian Blood Services, is a natural. “Blood-it’s in you to give” is an effective campaign theme. I have been giving blood regularly for years and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to offer someone a chance to live. There is always a need for all blood types. Who needs your donation? Cancer and surgery patients, premature and newborn babies and those who experience horrific accidents and burn victims… to name a few.

20 minutes of your time will help save a life.

You can book your appointment on-line to attend one of their many clinics- or they will come to your place of work. Why not organize a group effort?

  • Edmonton’s Food Bank, More and more families are struggling to put food on the table. Many of the Food Bank recipients are children. We know that to become an effective person in society, the basic necessities need to be provided. Nutritious food is a critical building block for the future of these families. Many of us have full pantries with more than enough food for our own needs. Check out the Food Bank’s most needed items and drop them off at your neighbourhood Fire Station. Many grocery stores offer a convenient drop-off on your way out, for items that you may wish to donate. Feeding a family is feeding their future.

A final note with regards to each of these suggestions… you can reduce your December stress by donating whenever you like. By organizing your generous giving over the course of the year you can check this item off early.

Don’t let Scrooge take over your heart this season, align your donations to be impactful not stressful.


…You can get out of your Downward Dog position now.



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