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How Fit is Your Business for the Future




How Fit is Your Business for the Future?

I love to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Movement seems to unlock mental blocks for me, and I usually come back with a new perspective for a perplexing conundrum. As I was sharing this viewpoint with a friend that was training for a triathlon, it occurred to me that there were marked resemblances between athletic training and business success.

Every professional athlete knows that in order to perform your best, your body needs to be both strong and flexible.

When training for a marathon, a runner starts out with a slow but steady plan to build muscles and stamina for the job ahead. But to keep a muscle group balanced, you need to flex and stretch the muscle. Without sufficient preparation in the form of warm-ups and stretches, you run the risk of injury and potentially derailing your efforts to run the race completely.

Training for a marathon is much like training for business success.

When a business starts off, clear and attainable goals need to be established. A business cannot be successful for long if it follows the same routine. It needs to stretch at each plateau along the way- to be a viable and flexible business.

Stretching is key for organizations to be better poised  for a changing world.

But how far is it safe to stretch so that a business doesn’t feel a devastating strain?

Business– and the participants in a business should

Stretch beyond their comfort level…but not their competency level.

Here are some tips to help your business flex its muscle…

  1. Keep your Eye on the Prize

Be clear on the goal and ensure everyone on your team is committed.. Use your quarterly reviews as checkpoints to assess progress and to change your strategies as needed.

2. Warm up your muscles

Start your day with a routine that will set you on the course for success. Read a daily motivational quote, follow industry leaders and check in with your team to ensure everyone is prepared for the task ahead.

3.  Don’t let sore muscles stop your progress

Business can be really tough, but that’s no reason to stop. Every trained athlete knows that the best way to work out that painfully sore muscle is -to use it. If you experience a business move that leaves a sting, evaluate the situation and redirect your course- but don’t stop just because you had a rough day.

4.  Stretch and Flex to build agility

Support your team to stretch past their current accomplishments, but within their competency and over a reasonable period of time. Give your team the tools and direction they need to be effective. Then let them settle back with their newly acquired skills before they move forward to the next plateau.

5.  Business is Team work

When you are moving toward great goals everyone needs a pep talk once in a while. As a leader you need to cheer on the successes as well as to have the locker room heart-to-heart moments when a set back happens- and it will happen. Pep talks should be encouraging so that the team can forge ahead.

Like the athlete, practicing proper stretching and building techniques regularly– will challenge your business to grow to its potential and be poised to take on the future as it comes.

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